Lead Visual and Interaction Designer || UX Lead


This project was devloped as part of a larger ecosystem consisiting of several Web Based Apps for large scale enterprise retail franchises by Square Root Inc. There are 2 main aspects to the app, a Note taking module in which employees can create notes to prepare for store visits as well as make official documentation as to what was discussed in each store visit. The other module is a Review module in which users can create and take surveys consisting of numerous question types in order to keep tabs on whether stores are performing all neccessary tasks to keep brand guidlines consistent and keep intitiatives moving in the right direction.


The project aims to alleviate the standard District Manager workflow in most large scale retail organizations by providing them a suite of tools to manage expectations, help each store to be the company’s best store, and to be able to report up the heirarchy chain so that the business can appropriatly track their business.


We took an approach that encompasses different aspect from a few popular methodologies and rolls them into one. We began with the initial idea during a company hackathon. After we got some traction we ran a Design Sprint around the idea with key stakeholders as well industry experts. We then took a few solutions and began applying an OODA methodology (Observe, Orient, Decide, Act). This gave us a great starting position and formula for continued iteration as user testing and market interviews were done to determine what features were the most important and how best to provide those to the end user.


I was the lead Visual and Interaction Designer as well as the UX lead on this project. I worked closely with my Product Manager, a Dev Lead, and 2 Mobile Developers to go from ideation to app store release in just under 10 months.

Early sketches from Hackathon project

User Story Mapping session with stakeholders and current customer

More sketches exploring possible solutions to specific problems

More sketches exploring possible solutions to specific problems

Black and white mocks created to start user testing