Blackbox Stocks®

Visual and UI/UX Designer


This project aimed at taking a system designed and built many years ago and both updating the look and feel to be more in tune with modern applications as well as to improve the UX so that users could navigate the system in a more intuitive way as well as to reduce user churn rate. Blackbox Stocks is a financial company that create an alert algorithm that helps investors know when and who to invest in at any given point .


I wanted to update the UI and get rid of some very poor decisions made by the original designers of the system. This included things like fixing navigaiton and wayfinding, getting rid of non-used or non-beneficial features and the creation of some new chat and social based features.


My approach on this project was to start first with a UI/UX audit of the whole system from Signup/Login, to Onboarding, to first and 100th use. I made a list of all outstanding issues with sugested fixes. We went through this document and aligned on which aspects were to be proritized and which could wait. I then went through and made a few general passes at positively effecting the interface as a whole. We then dove deep into a few of the modules that needed specific attention. Highlighting areas of improvement nad totally redesigning where neccessary. Then as the last part of the current redesign we added a few key social chat and sharing features to help improve engagement and usefulness of the system..


I was the Visual and UI/UX designer on this project working with a dev lead and 2 other software development firms to create various aspects of the system.